The Bubbylonian Encounter

Child sexual abuse is far more prevalent than most people realize.  A staggering 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before the age of 17. 91% of perpetrators are KNOWN to the child and their family (i.e family member, adult family friend, another child).  “The Bubbylonian Encounter” is performed live by professional actors in school settings. The plot centers around Bub (a visitor from the planet Bubbylonia) who wants to live on earth, but doesn’t understand touching. Her new friends, Archie and Betty, teach her the difference between touches and exactly what to do about inappropriate touching. Though a fun-filled and entertaining play; Bub’s message is clearly designed to educate children about the difference between good, bad/hard, confusing, and forced sexual touch. 

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Education is Key
to Preventing Sexual Abuse

Touching can be positive, negative, confusing or forced sexual. Children have the right to protect their own bodies and seek help when touch feels bad, confusing, or inappropriate. Sexual abuse is harmful and it’s against the law.

Good Touch

Good touch from people we love and respect are necessary for positive growth and development – good touch can make life meaningful.

  • Good touch includes: Hugging, kissing, handshaking, patting, and embracing.

Bad Touch

Family members should problem-solve with words, not physical force. Adults should negotiate family disputes without bad touch and support non-violent conflict resolution.

  • Bad touch includes: Hitting, punching, slapping, kicking, pushing, pinching, and scratching. 

Confusing Touch

Personal touch is an important and integral part of all human relationships. Recognizing confusing touch and clarifying whether it’s ok or not is helpful to children. Adults and family members should respect a child’s boundaries, help them feel comfortable about who they will hug and kiss and help them express uncomfortable feelings, when appropriate. 

  • Confusing touch includes: Tickling that progresses from fun to uncomfortable, a hug that begins as pleasant and becomes uncomfortable and tense, or a handshake that starts out ok but becomes too tight and not friendly.

Forced Sexual Touch

Forced sexual touch is child sexual abuse and is against the law. Adults and family members should empower children through education and practice role-playing about body boundaries, stranger danger, and risky situations. 

Forced sexual touch occurs when someone:

  • Touches a child’s private parts (parts of the body covered by a bathing suit) or asks the child to touch them in private places with a harmful purpose in mind.
  • Uses tricks, manipulation, pressure, authority or physical force to obtain sexual contact with a child.

In the event of force sexual touch children should: 

  • Say “No” assertively
  • Runaway immediately
  • Tell someone they trust

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