Children At Risk Emergency Fund


The Care Fund


The CARE Fund is a special fund designated by the St. Clair County CAN Council, Inc., which upon substantiated request from an area professional, will provide goods and services to meet the needs for physical, social or emotional enhancements to St. Clair County children at risk. The fund may be accessed once during a calendar year by an individual child in an amount not to exceed $100.



Any St. Clair County professional working with children and families at risk is welcome to request goods or services for a particular child's physical, social or emotional enhancement by completing the application in detail. Completed application with explanatory cover letter should be submitted to:


St. Clair County Child Abuse/Neglect Council
1107 Military St.
Port Huron, Michigan 48060
Phone: (810) 966-9911
Fax: (810) 966-9933




A three-member committee will convene as soon as possible either by phone, fax or in person and promptly notify the applicant of their decision. The funds will be issued in the form of the actual goods or service and be delivered by the applicant or the St. Clair County Child Abuse/Neglect Council.

Additional Information:

The CARE Fund is intended to assist area professionals in meeting the needs of at risk children with whom they work with on a regular basis. It is not intended to replace health insurance benefits, provide for adults or meet basic needs which can be fulfilled by other St. Clair County agencies, churches or civic groups. The St. Clair County Child Abuse/Neglect Council may assist applicants in locating other more appropriate resources when indicated. When funds for the designated year are utilized they will not be replaced until the beginning of the next fiscal year. The Council wishes to provide an easily accessed fund which will address a child's self esteem/self enhancement issues in support of our belief that...

"It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Child."

Click here for the CARE Fund Application