Bubbylonian Encounter

Bubbylonian Encounter is a teaching process about the sense of touch.

Bubbylonian Encounter


Bubbylonian Encounter is performed live in the school setting by professional actors. It is a fun-filled and entertaining play; however Bub's message is clearly designed to educate children about the difference between good, bad, confusing and forced sexual touch. Parents and staff are given the opportunity to preview the play on DVD.

The plot centers around Bub (a visitor from the planet Bubbylonia) who wants to live on earth, but doesn't understand touching. Her new friends, Archie and Betty, teach her the difference between touches and exactly what to do about inappropriate touching.








National estimates of the number of children sexually molested each year ranges from 250,000 to one million. Children in kindergarten through sixth grade are the most vulnerable, constituting 60 percent of all sexual assault victims.


Good Touch


Hugging, kissing, hand shaking, patting, and embracing.

Prevention Tips:

Good touches are welcome and very necessary by the "right people at the right time".

Fact: Good touches from people we love and respect are necessary for positive growth and development-good touches make life fun!

Bad Touch


Hitting, punching, slapping, kicking, pushing, pinching and scratching.

Prevention Tips:

All family members should problem-solve with words, not physical force.

Adults: Negotiate family disputes without "bad touch" and support non-violent conflict resolution.

Confusing Touch


Tickling which progresses from fun to uncomfortable.

A hug that begins as pleasant and becomes uncomfortable and tense.

A handshake that starts out O.K. but becomes too tight and not friendly.

Prevention Tips:

Adults: Help kids feel comfortable about who they will kiss and hug.

Family members should respect a child's boundaries.

Help the child express uncomfortable feelings, when appropriate.

Fact: Personal touch is an important and integral part of all human relationships. Recognizing confusing touch and clarifying whether it is o.k. or not is helpful to children.

Forced Sexual Touch

Forced sexual touch occurs when someone touches a child's private parts (parts of the body covered by a bathing suit) or asks the child to touch them in private places with a harmful purpose in mind.

Forced sexual touch is called child sexual abuse and is against the law.


Forced sexual touch occurs when someone uses tricks, manipulation, pressure, authority or physical force to obtain sexual contact with a child.

Prevention Tips:

Fact: One in four girls and one in six boys will experience some type of sexual abuse before the age of eighteen and 80% of the time will be perpetrated by someone they know and trust.