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Who We Are

The St. Clair County Child Abuse/Neglect Council is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the PREVENTION of child abuse and neglect in St. Clair County. Its membership is comprised of local concerned agencies and individuals and its focus is community education, public awareness and advocacy of local community-based PREVENTION programs.

The council is a designated local council of the Children's Trust Fund of Michigan and is a Michigan incorporated nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization. Funding is provided through memberships, donations, grants and local fund-raising efforts. Annual report and financial statements are available upon request.






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What We Do

  • Coordinate and fund "Never Shake A Baby/Safe Sleep" workshops, suitable for all age groups which outline the danger of "Baby Shaking".
  • Coordinate and fund "Bubbylonian Encounter", a sexual abuse prevention program available to all St. Clair County elementary schools. The program has been experienced by over 60,000 students since 1986.
  • Encourage a non-violent philosophy of life for all in support of the belief that..."It Shouldn't Hurt To Be A Child."
  • Coordinate and fund "Just the Facts" and "Just the Facts About Personal Boundaries" a personal body safety program aimed at middle school students addressing sexual assault, sexual harassment, confusing touch and internet safety.
  • Coordinate and fund "More Facts About Personal Boundaries" for high school students.
  • Coordinate and sponsor the "CARE FUND" - a special fund available for at-risk children to fulfill special needs (shoes, sports fees, camp fees, haircuts, etc.), up to $100 per year per child.
  • Coordinate and conduct "Community Partner Trainings"; Child Abuse PREVENTION seminars offered to area groups who work daily with kids.
  • Provide a child friendly environment for alleged victims of child sexual/severe physical abuse in our "Blue Water Area Child Advocacy Center". The state mandated Forensic Interviewing Protocol is utilized for all interviews.


About the St. Clair County Child Abuse/Neglect Council

and the

Blue Water Area Child Advocacy Center




The cost of all programs or services provided by the Council and Advocacy Center.




The number of all part-time staff members dedicated to providing top quality prevention programming and forensic interviewing services.




The number of years the Council has been serving St. Clair County children and families. (since 1984)




The percentage of every donated dollar which remains in St. Clair County.




Individuals trained in “If I Cry” techniques and educated about the dangers of baby shaking (Shaken Baby Syndrome)




Community groups, service clubs, churches who receive child safety and reporter trainings each year.




Alleged child sexual assault victims who were forensically interviewed in the Blue Water Area Child Advocacy Center since its opening in an effort to reduce trauma and promote team decision making.



Family members and attending professionals who participated in team decision meetings directed at next steps in every alleged child victim’s individual situation.




School children (K-12) who receive prevention education in the St. Clair County schools each year.




Individuals receiving repeated media messages about child abuse prevention in any given year (T.V., radios, newspapers, newsletters, social media.)


These amazing numbers have only been achieved through the generous support of our prevention partners and local media outlets.